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I’m not homeless

Steven E. Polk: Georgia State Prison - GA

No matter who I’m with, I always cross their mind last … Just like family and friends – I’m the last one they think about, but the good thing about being last is you always know where you at and won’t need no redirect. Cause we’re last, (the) end of the road, the caboose – we’re just not that important, or no? – maybe just ain’t loved. Maybe it’s all pretend and only in my mind … Oh yeah. If that’s so, then tell me why do I always feel so lonely and alone. Why does it always seem like you all forget? Am I not worthy of your love, your caring, your memory – is it too hard to remember me at least? If you truly knew how I felt, then you would know how a homeless man feels in the winter time – with no sheets, hurt, alone, confused, and in despair. I may not be homeless cause I’m in prison, but I feel just like him. That man you see on the corner holding the sign saying whatever, or the dude pushing the shopping cart with all that he has in the world. I feel just like him. Why? – cause I have no one to write me to say “Hi … are you ok?”, and because on X-mas or my birthday I receive no cards saying I, or we, love and miss you – and we’re thinking about you on this day. No visits, no money, no phone call. Just me, myself and I, with my back up against the wall, against all odds – it’s me against the world. Fighting for my life. I’m still a man, and I’m still standing. Written by Steven E. Polk 6-20-15