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Life is a roller coaster

Cedric L. Anderson: Danville Correctional Center - IL

I have re-entered society several times. One of those times I was effectively released homeless. I paroled to my mother’s home, who is now deceased, but things didn't work out. I’m currently incarcerated and will be maxing out of my parole time - free from supervision, but with no funds, no address, no job, and no car. They wonder why the recidivism rate, and guys returning back to prison is the way it is. I also have myself to blame, due to the poor decisions I made and the strain I caused to families, including my own. Thankfully, you can get a hot meal from the Salvation Army, or shelters. - But, you go from knowing every contact in your phone to having society snatched out from under you. You forget the importance of those very same people who’s numbers you once held. We all fall short of the glory of God. Our arms are too short to box with God, but prayers are being met every day. We should pray fervently and pray without ceasing. Prayer helps. When you can’t seem to find no other way, just when you’re about to give up, a blessing comes through. You go from having a disability for 20 years to them saying you have no disability. So you go from having legitimate income to no income - now your money options are ... what? Life beyond prison walls after release ain’t nothing but a roller coaster.