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Thank you for deciding to volunteer. Once we open, our hours of operation will be 8am – 8pm Monday thru Sunday

  • Until then, please identify where you can support our current planning efforts.
  • Finally, please identify your future volunteer plans. We need to know the amount of tutors and volunteers we will have on opening day.

Thank You For Your Donation


Volunteer Opportunities


Digital Input Representative

Volunteers place the digital postcard on their personal social networking page – Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, linkedin, flickr, reddit, pinterest, etc. Volunteers are asked to input the digital postcard once a week on a specific day of the week – perhaps four consecutive Mondays – or as often as desired.

The short message should read:  Volunteer | Support | Endorse. Visit exhouse.org … Strengthen Families | Improve Communities | Forgive

See Digital Post Card PDF

Email contact@exhouse.org to receive a png file of the digital postcard



Tutors are evaluated to identify strengths per subject area and then matched with students



Telemarketers contact donors, vendors and related service providers


Professional Services

Volunteers are encouraged to support using their professional degrees and licenses.  Such as:


Grant Writers

Fundraising Managers

Mental Health Practitioners

HS & College Administrators

Financial Investment Managers

Commercial Real Estate Broker

IT Security Professionals

Advertising Managers

Website Designers




Volunteer Form