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  • All Donations are tax deductible

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May include: food, clothing and linen, home and office furniture, backpacks and school supplies, house hold items and supplies, textbooks, land line and cell phones, learning and office software, computers, cameras and video equipment, electronics and office equipment, lawn and snow equipment, exercise equipment, building tools and material, construction machines, art, bicycles, motorcycles, flat bed trucks and automobiles, auto parts and supplies, semi truck cab, storage trailer, flatbed trailers, boats, etc.


Assets & Instruments

May include: real estate, royalties, annuities, endowments, insurance, advertising space, magazine subscriptions, association memberships, unwanted gift cards, etc.



May include the use, per agreed terms and conditions, of the following: real estate, advertising space, equipment, etc.


Partial Donations

May include the partial donation of the following: real estate, equipment, and other goods and assets. (tax exempt eligibility for a partial donation is pending IRS clarification)


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