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Eligibility & Costs

Eligibility Requirements

  • Past or anticipated release from state prison, federal prison, county jail, or at-risk of participating in unlawful acts.
  • Men, women, and emancipated juveniles.
  • Must sign housing, education, and mental health agreements.
  • Must sign house rules, regulations, and property usage policy agreement.
  • Must sign Incarceration and Detention History release of information consent form
  • Must agree with curfew requirements
  • Must adhere to drug screening



  • Convicted Sex Offender
  • Non-emancipated juvenile
  • Persons with severe mental health and/or physical disabilities – requiring handicap accessible facilities and medication to suppress violent behavior.
  • Persons requiring substance abuse detoxification


Selection Process

  • Order of completed application
  • Available Bed space
  • Order of reporting to facility after application approval
  • Verbally acknowledge willingness to participate with an open free spirit
  • Completed orientation
  • Note: There is no age limit


Costs will vary and are based on HUD Very Low-Income limits