X, inc.


Greetings dear brothers and sisters, we are X.  A personal improvement and housing program for persons released from prison and jail.  Our future services will offer housing, education, and mental health counseling. X, inc. is an approved 501c3. X, inc. is incorporated in Georgia.


Management has over eighteen years experience serving this population; has over five years employed as an educator for men and women in a major metropolitan jail; has visited various State, Federal and Juvenile prisons; and has listened to complaints about the great need for housing.


Every citizen has a good reason to endorse housing for persons with criminal records

  • The benefit to community is clear
  • The benefit to families is clear
  • The reason it’s not done more often is part of the problem


Handout this Program Introduction flyer to persons in need of our services. Thank you for your support.


   About me – by me&us

  • I come from soft concrete.
  • Chicago’s forgotten.
  • The never allowed to grow,
  • and unaccounted.
  • Dreams arrested – and deferred.
  • Deliberate; Limited development.
  • The experiment stretched for miles.
  • A Real Estate chittl’n delicacy.
  • They blamed all the problems on Mother,
  • because now the land is desired.
  • The land that grew ex-offenders,
  • would be capitalists,
  • big dreams, flashy show,
  • Extreme potential and Extreme want.
  • The beautiful,
  • The broken.
  • The ‘Triple Black’:
  • by blood, by up-bringing, by consciousness.
  • Through under maintenance –
  • of the us in me and the me in us;
  • Mother? grew tired – or worn down!
  • and became less relevant.
  • Less safe, less predictable.
  • and not easy to manipulate.
  • They want back Mother:
  • the hole, the burnt mirror, the beast.
  • The homes of Robert Taylor,
  • wiped from memory.
  • No more close families,
  • Protecting, Connecting, … Forgiving.
  • Much better than those that judge.
  • More humane than the laziest observer.


Terminology Sensitivity

Many are sensitive to terms used to describe this population of citizens in need. Typical terms used are: ex-offender; ex-con; ex-convict; ex-felon; or returning citizen. Some terms used to describe related services are: after-care or re-entry programs for ex-offenders; ex-offender GED classes, adult education, and job skills training; mental health and substance abuse counseling for ex-offenders; ex-offender housing, transitional housing or recovery housing; anger management, case management, and employment advocacy.  These are terms used to describe the various services used to help this population … our neighbors, our family.  It is our aim to provide these services and more as part of our future program. Furthermore, we are sensitive to the limitations placed on the pursuit of happiness for many persons with criminal records, and avoid using any traditional term when effective and efficient. We believe that often times it’s more important to help a person rise above the stigma and build for their family. We should all do our part to help rebuild families and accept our promise of another chance – which is what we say every time we release a person back into society – “you now have another chance”.  Do your part – In the weekly meeting, at the water cooler, or during lunch break … Even if it’s just a small effort – do something!

Please find our 501c3 status on www.irs.gov or by using our EIN 46-1407950 & this link

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